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Hi, I'm Max. A backend software developer from Cleveland, Ohio with a huge interest in emerging technologies and a zest for learning. I am also a poet and a dedicated voice for social good. Right now the master plan is to finish a year of college while working part time, do a couple classes in the summer, and be done with school by December 2016. After that, things are up in the air.

As an entrepreneurially minded individual, the startup scene is a strong draw for me. The energy and passion entrepreneurs have is really neat, and as a person who grew up in an urban area, I have seen the positive effects of good businesses first hand. I am currently building an API for a company called AudioHeads that aims to change the way venues and promotions companies choose which acts to book by giving consumers a voice (and often of free tickets!). It's a data-centric project and I'm using Python and the Neo4j graphing database to build it. So far it's been a lot of fun. That said, larger software companies that play in many different arenas also interest me. It's always fun to read about Google's next new project and I am a big fan of Elon Musk and his work at Tesla and SpaceEX as well.

Please take a look at the Blog section for backlogs of some of my projects, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any projects, questions, or job offers you think I might fit the bill for. I am always happy to help younger students and new developers with any questions or apprehensions. Feel free to drop me a line!


  • Python

    Python is my go to language for server side applications. I love it’s predictability, versatility, and speed. Python compiles at runtime but can still give your Java a run for its money. I am also pretty well versed in C++, C, Java, and Objective-C.

  • Databases

    I love well organized data, quick indexing, and PostgreSQL. Good database management goes a long way, and it’s something I enjoy. Along with relational data I have worked with the graphing database Neo4j. I am currently constructing an API and schema in Neo4j for a company I am working for.

  • API Development

    I have built a pretty good number of APIs from the ground up. My tools of choice have been Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy. I have also built APIs using Neo4j that utilized py2neo, and am currently building one that will use neomodel — an Object Graph Mapper (OGM) that operates much like a Object Relational Mapper (ORM) does, but for a graphing database.

  • Linux System Administration

    Linux and Unix systems are well built, speedy, and fun to maintain. I run a home server with Ubuntu and have a few systems I maintain on Amazon Web Services that run Amazon Linux CLI.

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